“Work-Life Balance” is bunk. Real flexibility is the future of a good workplace.

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American poverty is moving to the suburbs

The move of poverty to the suburbs is a challenge for the American social-safety net. Many anti-poverty programs in the US were designed to address urban issues—and nongovernmental organizations supporting the suburban poor are comparatively rare and underfunded.

And our government is hard at work to ensure this trend will continue.

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Welcome to Refugee High

During her five years as an ELL teacher, Quintenz has had a front-row seat to some meteoric transformations. She has watched Muslims exchange hijabs for braids. She’s seen girls who never wore makeup before suddenly paint their lips bright red and boys who came in with a buttoned-up look start sagging their pants.

Sullivan High School in Rogers Park, Chicago, has transformed itself and has almost half foreign-born students, many of them refugees.

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“Larry went for two months last summer without water at home — even as he fought stomach cancer — until The Human Utility restored his service. That’s not the worst it gets, unfortunately. Some people have gone for a year without running water — resorting to defecating in holes in their backyard or getting drinking water from a neighbor’s water hose.”

The Human Utility is an amazing project immediately impacting people’s life in an undeserved situation. Please consider a donation!

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