Washing Bears

Caught these guys on the way to the trash! In German, they are called “washing bears” because they like to catch food from water, and it looks like they are washing it. Since they usually are solitary, I think this is a mother with two little ones. 

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If this is the last entry

Here is why:

Meadow mushrooms growing just outside. This is one of two sheets that get roasted today, with at least 2-3 times more still growing outside. We checked with a friend that knows mushrooms; and we’re going to be careful not just digging in, but very certain these are edible. They definitely are tasty 🙂

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Backyard, Nighttime

I installed a “trail cam” in the backyard to see who or what is digging little holes during the night. It has night-vision and takes photos automatically, but it took a good bunch of repositioning to find the culprit and not just one of the neighborhood cats that like to stroll through the yard, or a squirrel running up the tree. 

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