Overclassifying “invasive” species

Plant closeup


Trying to find some perspective on “invasive species”. I’ve been looking into Backyard Habitat certification, but the extensive list of “invasive species” you have to eradicate disturbs me. Yes, Ivy and Blackberries overgrowing and strangling all other plants is bad and I fight them off, but not every species that wasn’t here before humans or before last week needs to be “eradicated”. Looks like that is not just my sentiment:

Invasive Species: Pro And Con

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Circular Cities


In a recent interview, Professor Abe explains to me that regenerative urbanism is fundamentally about rethinking environmental design whilst bearing in mind that urban landscapes ‘are a part of the larger flow of nature.’
‘It is an abstract concept,’ he says. ‘but it means we should redesign our human environment as a small loop within the larger flow of nature, and format it in various areas so that the entire environment will circulate smoothly. This will create an environment that is close to the original state of nature, while at the same time ensuring the stable residential areas necessary for modern everyday life.’
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Covid Dystopian Ruins, advertising edition

New art project material collection: Photograph all the vestiges of Covid safety posters. Our world truly looks like a post-apocalyptic game where torn up posters of ironic content are strewn about. There’s a lot of opportunities how to arrange them, as well:

  • Mix and match info about what “Airborne” means with the abundance of “Wash your hands” instructions
  • Glance in despair at the “We care and wear masks” variant
  • Bonus task: Redesign all those posters to be about weapon control
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Just from looking at the word, there is absolutely no way to know how “slough” is pronounced. So I’ll just pronounce they “ough” as in “enough”. Sluff.

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Sorry … Girl … Nothing clever about driving a … Raptor X monster car..

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